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Non-karstic cavities of the Somogy Region

  The SomogyRegion is a 5750 km2 large hill country limited with the LakeBalaton, the Sió Canal, the Kapos River, the Rinya Creek, the DravaRiver and the Principalis Canal. The region belongs to the number 4200of the Official Hungarian Cave Registry. The surface is covered with PannonianSediment, Pleistocene loess and shifting sand.. The average height is186m above the sea level, but some hills rise above 200 or 300 m above thesea.

In the Somogy Region natural caves are not known, but thereare large number of cavities have been dug in the Pannonian sand and in the loess (cellars,  tunnels,  shelters). The dilapidated cavities  have  lost their original functions and they are slowly altering into consequence caves. The climatic conditions and the living creatures in the holes are similar to the natural caves. Recently the following five cavities have been studied:

            Betyár   Cave (SágvárVillage)  53 m,

             Barát Hole (Balatonendréd Village)  30,4 m,

             BújóHole (Ságvár Village)  22 m,

             Caveof the Kási Castle (Nyim Village)  8,4 m és

             Cavityof the Castle Hill  (Fonyód Town)  7,6 m.


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