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The Cave of the Sajó Basin

The Sajó Basin lies between the Bükk Mountains and theAggtelek Karst. It extends to about 150 km2. The axis of thebasin is the 2 - 3 km wide alluvial plain of the Sajó River.

To the south and to the north the basin is bordered by low terracedhills. The northern hills are formed from descending escarpments of theBükk Region and the Upponyi Mountains. The southern hills are knownas the Putnoki Hills. Both types of landscape are strongly dissected byerosion valleys and have a varied geological build up. They are composed of Miocene sediments such as compact clay ("slir" formation), sandstone, marl and volcanic formations such as rhyolite- andesite tuffs and andesite agglomerate.

Only one cave is known in this area, the "Nagy-k -odúja". It opens in the northern hills 1 km from Sajókaza. The 2.9 m long and 1 m high cave has developed as a result of tectonic movement in an adesite agglomerate cliff, which rises from its tufaceous environment.


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