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                                                                                                                    The Cave of the Pannonhalmi Hills

The 240 km2 Pannonhalmi Hills (or "Sokoro") is the northern most isolated region of the Bakony Mountains. It is composed of three erosion and derasion valleys which form the Szemere, Csanak, and Pannonhalma Hills. The bedrock is the Upper Miocene sandstone and the surface is mainly a sandy Pleistocene loess.

Only one natural cave is known in the Pannonhalmi Hills. It lies 2.5 km west of Sokoropátka village in Mount "Öreg". The 6 m long "Barátok várának ürege" (The Hole of the Monks Castle) was formed in a marly loess. Out of this several collapsed or partly collapsed artificial cavities and former cave dwellings are known, near Pannonhalma and Nyúl villages in this hill country.          

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