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Caves of the "Kemenesalja"

"Kemenesalja" is the western area of the Marcal Basin. This 200 km 2 area extends from the Marcal River to the Kemenes Hills.The geological base of the region is a denudated Pannonian plane, whichconsists of sandy and pebbly sediments. Along the fault lines one millionyears ago there occurred a basalt intrusion. The sign of this intrusionare the 12 hills formed of basalt and basaltic tuff.

Three natural non-karstic cave were found in the basalt hills and in the sandstone. One in the basalt of Mount Ság and the otherin the basalt tuff of Mount Pet near Miske. The third cave was formed in the sandstone beside the railway station of Nagysimony village. Thecave in Mount Ság, the so called Vass Pál Cave, was the most significant cave of the area, but it was demolished in 1914 during quarryingoperations. The smaller cave in Mount Pet is a tectonic cave formed alonga fault line. The Vasút-menti-barlang (Cave at the Railway) nearNagysimony village is a consequence cave, which was resulted by a breakup during the sandstone excavation. An artificial cavity in Mount Ságwas made by the quarry workers to secure themselves from falling rockduring blasting.

The length of the natural caves today is only 8.5 m though formerly it could have been 20-30 m.

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