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The Cave of the Geresdi Hills

The Geresdi Hills are 250 km2 and consist of an extended hill landscape to the south-east of the Mecsek Mountains between theDanube River, Lajvér Creek and Karsica Creek. The highest regionis the 250 - 300 m a.s.l. elevated biotite granite range. Towards theDanube River the hills gradually lower (up to 130 m a.s.l.) and are composed of Pannonian sediments overlain by 40 - 50 m of  loess.

Only one artificial cavity is known in this region, "Töröklyuk" in Dunaszekcs on the hill-side of the so-called Castle Hill. It was most probably excavated several hundred years ago in the loess bank of the Danube River. Archeological finds were excavated from the 25.5 m long and 12 m deep tunnel.



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